I’ve been involved in a number of projects over the years, both my own and as part of a team. The following is a list of the projects I am working on currently.


Poachers have been stealing eggs from the dragon clans of Alundite, and killing the parents if necessary. The Civilized Races of Alundite are now at risk of being massacred by dragons seeking either revenge or safety. The king of Alundite has issued a proclamation for all able-bodied persons skilled in the art of dragon-speaking to set forth on a quest to renew the peace pacts with each clan. If the dragon-speakers fail, Alundite will be consumed by dragon-fire and death.

Genre: Fantasy. Progress: 2 pages, as of 4/16/14.

The Chronicles of Epinex, Book One:

Adventurous twins Alice and Alvin are invited to see Dr. Baker’s newest invention, a machine that can transport the user to a whole new world. Things naturally go wrong during the demonstration- otherwise there’d be no plot- and the twins find themselves on the planet Epinex, in the year 1504, just as Princess Ginger of Arcadia disappears.

Genre: Science-fiction. Progress: 2 pages, as of 4/16/14.

R.T. Tavi and Odie’s Oddest Tale:

A modern take on the Odyssey. Private-eye R.T. Tavi is hired by Penny Lyons to investigate the veracity of her husband Odie’s outrageous story of his recent journeys. He is currently on trial for murdering several guests upon his arrival home, and refuses his lawyer’s attempts to plead insanity. R.T. Tavi’s job is to retrace Odie’s steps and prove that he is, in fact, babbling nonsense.

Genre: Mystery. Progress: 1 1/2 pages, as of 4/16/14.


A webshow series in which I review books I like or don’t like and compare books to their adaptations on the big screen or stage. May have sub-episodes in which I discuss elements of writing and literature, or focus completely on a series I enjoy, such as The Legend of Zelda or Doctor Who.

Genre: Internet webshow. Progress: In the conceptual process.

What do you think?

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