Links of Interest, 9-21-16: The Digital World and its Consequences

I read and watch a lot of stuff on the Internet. A lot of stuff. Here are things I found most interesting today.

Amazon’s Algorithms Favor Amazon’s Business. Big Surprise? ProPublica has studied Amazon’s storefront and concluded that the search engine puts a higher priority on Amazon’s business interests rather than cheap prices. Consumers can find themselves spending more for a bottle of glue if they don’t spend the extra time comparing prices, especially if they think Amazon’s done that for them already.

Margaret Sullivan Says Edward Snowden Should Be Pardoned. Oliver Stone’s Snowden movie brought the exiled NSA whistleblower back into the media spotlight, and the editorial board of The Washington Post made waves the other day when it declared he should be prosecuted… even though the Post won accolades for revealing and reporting his leaks. Sullivan, a media columnist for the Post, disagrees with the editorial board.

Fox News is Facing a Demographic Hurdle in the Future. Fox News has built a niche for itself as a conservative news source, but that limited niche may be its downfall as the newer generations abandon cable in favor of online offerings.

Password Protection is Important. This comedy skit examines what happens when everyday computer problems occur in a military setting.

What do you think?

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