Geeking Out: Doctor Who audio dramas deal!

Humble Bundle announced yesterday that they have a new bundle pack ready for you to purchase at any price with the proceeds going to charity, and instead of games, today it’s Doctor Who audio dramas, produced by Big Finish (plus the mobile game Doctor Who: Legacy for good measure). If you’re looking for some Doctor Who media to tide you over after tonight’s Christmas special while waiting for series nine next year, this is a great deal, and it’s available for two more weeks!

I personally am a huge Humble Bundle fan- I’ve purchased dozens of games through their service. I am also a huge Doctor Who fan, and after the somewhat-disappointing series eight ended several weeks ago I’ve been looking into other Doctor Who media. I’ve been mostly focused on finding books and audiobooks on Amazon or at my local library, but there’s also Big Finish.

Big Finish is an audio drama company that produces a large amount of audio productions, among the most notable being their various Doctor Who lines. The Doctor Who audio dramas involve writers and actors from the television series, including the classic Doctors themselves- Paul McGann as the 8th, Sylvester McCoy as the 7th, Colin Baker as the 6th, and Peter Davison as the 5th, with Nicholas Briggs (current voice actor for the Daleks and Cybermen) running things. I myself however have not tried any of the dramas yet because of their asking price- $12.00 for a one-hour MP3 that I might not enjoy (see series eight) is a bit much for me. The bundle thus solves a problem for me because now I can get a taste of what Big Finish does and see how I like it.

Currently, the Humble Doctor Who Audiobook Bundle includes the following:

  • For any price: All four parts of Dalek Empire season 1 and season 2 (eight parts altogether), plus the Android mobile game Doctor Who: Legacy. From my research, Dalek Empire does not feature the Doctor in any way, so heads up on that. Legacy is a free-to-play gem-matching game featuring characters from all fifty years of Doctor Who; its inclusion here is for costume codes.
  • For $15 or more: Eight parts of their Doctor Who: The Lost Stories series, featuring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor.
  • For more than the average of $13: All six parts of season three of Dalek Empire, which includes a character named Galanar voiced by David Tennant.

In other Doctor Who news, today BBC America has launching a Doctor Who mega-marathon (at least, according to my cable listings). Every episode of series eight is being aired today, leading up to the Christmas special, which will be aired three times (at 6:00, 8:45, and 11:30 if you live on the West coast). Starting tomorrow, it looks like the channel will begin airing Doctor Who episodes from the beginning of David Tennant’s run (don’t know why Christopher Eccleston got left out) all the way through to the end of Matt Smith’s run, ending the marathon on Monday, I believe, at which point they switch gears to a marathon for Top Gear. Of course, every single one of these episodes is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, but for those of you who don’t have those streaming services but do have cable, there you go.

And finally, Merry Christmas!

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