Things of Interest: 01/04/15

I read and watch a lot of stuff on the Internet that I find interesting. In these posts, I share a few of the highlights I’ve come across.

  1. Mike Masnick at Techdirt looks at the events of the past year, many thought to be impossible, and is optimistic about 2015.

  2. This one is from my archive of bookmarks, but back in May, Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic wrote that taking notes by hand was better for remembering lectures, while trying to type the lecture verbatim could actually be a hindrance to study.

  3. Mentalfloss has an article about twenty-five English words that have contradictory definitions.

  4. This video is old, but Casey Neistant was ticketed by the NYPD for not riding his bike in the bike lane, so he made a video showing why staying in the bike lane is quite impossible at times.

What do you think?

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