Amusing Coincidences in My Life: Shadowgate, Empire’s End, Monuments Men

You can almost taste the sarcasm.

So THAT’S where that music is from!

For several years I, from time to time, have had this haunting piano tune enter my head. I’ve heard it somewhere before… but I couldn’t place where. The other day, I was randomly browsing my Steam account, and decided that my wishlist of 45 games needed to be cleaned up. I go over there, and discover- hey! One of the games I want is on an 80% sale, so it’s only $3! (This sale is now over- sorry. But Steam is always doing awesome sales, so it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.) It’s the new Shadowgate game that was released about a year ago. I randomly click on a few of the trailers, and… that haunting theme starts playing! Turns out it’s the death / game over theme from Shadowgate. Mystery solved!

The horror, the horror!

I’m currently reading a few different books, two of which are Empire’s End by Jerry Jenkins (a fictional account of the Apostle Paul’s life during the three years between the road to Damascus and his meeting with the disciples) and The Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel (a historical account of a group of people tasked with recovering the art stolen by the Nazis during World War II). I am quite amused to find that both authors use the same title for their chapters: “The Horror” is chapter twelve in Empire’s End and “Horror” is chapter thirty-eight in Monuments Men… and both are describing rather different scenarios.

And speaking of The Monuments Men

In Chapter 41 of The Monuments Men, Edsel summarizes Hermann Göring’s last meeting with Adolf Hitler and the actions Göring takes as after he leaves Hitler’s bunker. Amongst those actions are the following: “On April 23, Göring sent a radiogram to Hitler. Aware that Berlin was surrounded and the situation hopeless, the Reichsmarschall was prepared to step in and lead the Nazi Party. If he did not hear back by 10:00 p.m. that evening, he would assume the Führer was incapacitated and take command.” About a week after I read that chapter, The Washington Post published an article about the recent re-discovery of that radiogram!!! What are the chances?

What do you think?

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